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Thunchan Smaraka Samithi is a Cultural Institution established in 1967 to commemorate the immortal glory of Thunchathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan (pronounced as [tuncattu raamaanujan eYuttacchan]) who combines the strengths and qualities of both Thiruvalluvar and Kambar of the neighbouring Tamil Nadu.


Ezhuthachan is respectfully referred to as the Father of the Malayalam language and literature. He is the most conspicuous embodiment of the values of Indian culture in the Malayalam language and one of the saintly souls in India. His poetic works like Adhyatma Ramayanam [adhyaatma raamaayaNam], Mahabharatam [mahaabhaaratam], Bhagavatham [bhaagavatam] and Harinamakeerthanam [harinaama kiirtanam] brought home to the Keralites the basic tenets of Indian culture and Vedanta philosophy and form the basis of the cultural ethos of Kerala. No other poet or philosopher has done so much for enriching the cultural life in this part of the country as Ezhuthachan. Modern Malayalam which is second to no other language of India on account of its linguistic and literary wealth, owes a lot to Ezhuthachan. His message is the Indian message of Vedanta. He takes his place in Indian literature along with Valmiki of Sanskrit, Kampar of Tamil, Thulasidas of Hindi and their compeers in other Indian Languages. His works are not only prescribed for study in schools and colleges, but they are also read in home by thousands of devotees belonging to all sections of the society irrespective of caste and religion.


Ezhuthachan is the strongest bondage of Kerala to India in general. It is he who gave the average Keralite a universal outlook. Ezhuthachan's works deserve to be studied widely and propagated among the people not only in Kerala but also outside the state in India and the foreign countries. His message addresses the whole world.




With this objective, we established Thunchan Smaraka Samithi [tuncan smaaraka samiti] in Airanimuttam in the heart of Trivandrum city with several distinguished persons on the Advisory Committee in 1967. For more than four decades we have been organising month-long Thunchan Festival and occasional meetings and in-depth discussions on national poets like Valmiki, Thulasidas, Kampar, Pampa, Rabindranath Tagore, Subramania Bharathi and Vallathol, so as to popularize the idea that Indian literature is one, though written in many languages, thereby promoting national integration and similar topics of cultural relevance. Nagarapradakshina parayana ([nagarapradakshiNa paaraayaNa]=circumambulating the city) chanting poems is one of our activities, enthusiastically welcomed by the general public. The Samithi celebrates all important national days like Independence day, Republic day, Children's day and Gandhi Jayanthi.

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