New Course: Karnatic Music and Painting recognised by IGNOU  13 May 2010                                                          Admission Started: B Pharm, D Pharm, TTC, PPTTI, NTEC (Approved by NIOS), Health Inspector Training and LKG to Std X (CBSE and State Syllabus)  13 May 2010                                                         
Thunchan Ulsavam


More than four decades we have been organising month-long Thunchan Festival and occasional meetings and in-depth discussions on national poets like Valmiki, Thulasidas, Kampar, Pampa, Rabindranath Tagore, Subramania Bharathi and Vallathol, so as to popularize the idea that Indian literature is one, though written in many languages, thereby promoting national integration and similar topics of cultural relevance.