The Trust has an educational and a cultural wing. Efforts are afoot to raise the intellectual and analytical skills of the young generation and to equip them to take up responsibilities. The Samithi has taken up several social and cultural programs throughout the region.


The Samithi earnestly strives for realising Ezhuthachan's dream of spreading enlightment, wisdom and ethical values among the people at large. The cultural wing organizes festivals and programs like Poets' Meet, Seminars, Symposia and performances of classical as well as ritualistic and folk art forms of Kerala. On the Vijayadasami day the Trust organizes Vidyarambham - the ritualistic initiation of tinytots to the world of letters - attracting thousands of children ranging between three and five years of age; they are led to the world of letters, music and arts under the guidance of reputed preceptors or Gurus.


The Samithi has planned programs for uplifting the Malayalam language which is the medium of average Keralites' expression. In order to achieve this aim, we have started Mathrubhasha Pathanakendrams in select places spread all over Kerala. We also provide research facilities in art, culture and literature. As a result of the past forty years of our devoted endeavours the goodwill in abundance we have earned from the public enables us to help the poor through multi pronged social welfare activities.


This is the only institution in memory of Ezhuthachan in South Kerala, and lovers of language, literature and culture cooperate in all programs of the Samithi in great enthusiasm. Recently an esteemed luminary in the cultural domain of Kerala opined that Thunchan Smarakam in Airanimuttam will, hopefully, develop as a Center of Excellence in pursuits relating to the Cultural and Performing Arts of Kerala.


The goodwill and social standing the Samithi has earned through four decades of selfless service, we trust, will stand us in good stead in the years to come. Contributions in any measure from our well wishers will certainly help us go ahead with more confidence.